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Introducing NcMeasure, your solution to shop-floor metrology

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What is ncmeasure?

Need to measure parts directly from the CNC without moving the workpiece, saving time, effort, and available resources? NcMeasure could be the right solution for you.

NcMeasure is a stand-alone software allowing the export of DMIS programs in G Code standard.

By using NcMeasure you can inspect parts directly on the shop floor. This innovative solution can significantly improve your production efficiency. No more needless delays or inefficiencies - you'll be able to accurately measure your parts in real-time, right where they are crafted.
Say goodbye to costly delays and hello to a smoother, more productive workflow.

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How ncmeasure works?

The DMIS code is sent to the CNC in native GCODE by NcMeasure. The Machine tool runs the inspection cycle and NcMeasure collects real-time data running the program in parallel.
The results produce the measuring report and Machine tool feedback, and it can be sent to metrology data softwares for a more accurate analysis.

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