What is NcMeasure?

What is ncmeasure?

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The demand for measuring on a machine tool is growing due to the need to answer some crucial points:

· Provide support for part alignment in the machine tools

· Provide statistical information about measuring trends while large-scale items are produced

· Provide feedback on tool offset and/or part alignment to rectify deviation while producing.

The use of probing techniques combined with metrology software allowed the machine tool to get more productive and reduce the need to measure parts on CMM.

For its intrinsic nature, an NC Machine Tool cannot replace the CMM to get highly accurate metrology, but, using comparative techniques, they are useful to control the stability of production.

In a machine tool, the measuring probe is not normally installed as a standard configuration, but it can be easily added to the existing installations.

The probe connected to the machine tool controller will send the trigger signal that will latch the exact position where the point was taken.

This information will be collected and used by the NC Measure to perform the inspection task.

The Probe

The most common probes for machine tools are “touch”, therefore they probe the part with a high-accuracy stylus.

The mechanical probes have the advantage of being able to hold very long styli, but, on the other hand, they react differently according to the direction of touch.

The electrical probes based on a Strain Gage technology have the advantage of a performance direction independent and they are very accurate.

The Probe Calibration

The correct use of the probe requires calibration to define the offsets.

NC Measure allows these capabilities for probe calibrations:

· Graphical definition of the configuration

· Generate the probing path on the machine tool

· Calculate the probe diameter and offsets.

· Use a correction map to compensate for the uneven behavior of the probe based on measuring direction.

How NcMeasure Works

The workflow of NcMeasure is linear and encompasses two possible solutions based on the need for programming and reporting at the customer end:

· A single station handles more machine tools

· Each machine tool is independetly

One Seat per Machine
One Master Seat and Several Receivers
NcMeasure Capabilities